In Ciudad Madero, very close to Miramar Beach, you will find a 17 acre surprise on the Rodolfo Torre Cantú Boulevard. With open spaces surrounded by a 3 kilometer cycling track, an artificial lake, a pier, a playground, an open air gym, an environmental observation center and a jogging track, the Bicentennial Park is a family attraction where there’s also an aviary with exotic species, the only one in Southern Tamaulipas where you can meet, within a few centimeters distance, and in some cases running and flying near you, pheasants, cockatoos, macaws, parrots, swans and peacocks.
It’s quite an experience!



Se trata de un nuevo espacio educativo multimedia orientado a la conciencia del respeto al medio ambiente. Ubicado en los terrenos del Parque Bicentenario de Ciudad Madero. Teléfono: 833 3 75 50 58

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