This pedestrian with almost 4,600 feet walkway, offers insights from the Mexican Gulf and the Pánuco River, it is impressive to admire how its waters get mixed in an blue and gray tone. Any time of the day is good to take this walk, however, there’s nothing like starting the day gazing the nature from this place.

This iconic breakwater was built in 1895 and it’s surrounded by enormous rock cubes. You can admire the entry and departure of cargo ships to the Port and most probably a great reward is awaiting us: families of dolphins plying the waters, sea mammals also known as bottle nose dolphin; pelicans, herons and other types of birds accompany the walker from the air, being a great experience of nature contact that makes it an unforgettable tour.

At the beginning of this walk there’s a traditional craft market from our beach, various seafood restaurants, drinks and snacks; you will also find the Marine War Memorial and a lookout to the Pánuco River.  



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