The Canal de la Cortadura (The Cut Channel) is a body of water that connects the Pánuco River to the Laguna del Carpintero (Carpenters Lagoon), located in the heart of Tampico, with an extension of 5,250 yards.

In recent years a tourism project with commercial and ecological purposes has been developed. This project is known as the Paseo La Cortadura, which is a navigable part where tours are offered in two modern vessels or pontoons. It consists of a linear park, playground, fountains and will soon be extended to join the Laguna del Carpintero (Carpenters Lagoon).

In 2015 El Paseo Cortadura was recognized by the magazine “Obras” with the award "Best Project in urban infrastructure and development" because it is an urban complex anchor that will unite the old industrial port area with the Carpenter lagoon and contribute to the development of the Historic Center with the renovation of the Municipal Markets and latent restructuring of public terminals of the Port of Tampico to tourist use.  



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