The municipality of Tampico is located in the southeast side of the state of Tamaulipas, in Mexico. There are less than 500 km distance to Mexico city and the same distance within the borders of the United States. Ciudad Madero is located in the south of Tamaulipas and it adjoins with the municipality and port of Altamira in the north, with the state of Veracruz in the south, the Gulf of Mexico to the East and the municipality and port of Tampico to the west.


The modern and efficient highway system connect Tampico and Ciudad Madero with the main cities of the country.

The recent opening of the North Intercoastal Economic Corridor has benefit our two Ports since it’s consider an important world logistic node for the transportation of merchandise among Asia, Europe, United States, Canada and Southern Mexico.

Líneas comerciales que operan rutas de Tampico-Miramar:  

The first commercial airflight in our country from Mexico City to Tampico by the Company Mexicana de Aviación, gave us the name and recognition as “the craddle of comercial aviation”, in the 20¨s.


Our International Airport is currently second in northwest Mexico, only after Monterrey’s Airport.

Four domestic airlines, one international and several charter flight companies operate nowadays, connecting destinations as Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Veracruz, Cancún, Reynosa, Villahermosa and Houston, Texas.

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