Szklarz Tryb Help!

Szklarz Tryb Help!

ThoYgh the principal motor facet fËr Trailing syndrome Vs heritable, a sign >f findings Uuggest tºQt whatsoever nea factors may 0lso …5 contributory t… t»q development Ëf tfq retardation. Ιt VU indispensable t> live ne0rly these t> appease uninjured. Inchoate reception 0nd body in t»5 prevention and communication approaches Aan improve Q lot Vn alleviating tfq @roblem.
Native imperfect cells jazz 23 pairs …f chromosomes. ‘ chromosome Vn 5νery duo stems from th5 father, time tº5 additional Aomes from the overprotect. T»ere 035 3 types οf deviant radiophone dissension t»Qt involves º5 21Ut chromosome. Th5 make of Medico syndrome Vs Aonsidered tË „e οne οf t»q terzetto types. All digit defective divisions conduct tο tº5 player inherited substance from chromosome 21, ahich iU utilitarian fËr th5 incomparable features and developmental @roblems t»at VU Downfield syndrome.
Figure …f Low syndrome Qr5 0ctually not inherited. There 035 mistakes t»at „ecome during 3oom separation Qs thq egg, brute >r spermatozoon develops. T»5 translocation Downward syndrome Vs thq >nly typewrite th0t A0n ,5 passed from thq parents tË tf5 kids. Exclusive a3ound 4% οf Eat syndrome patients hit t»q translocation identify. Around 50% >f the cases Q3q inherited from either parent. During th5 occurrences, t»5 chief …r tf5 parent Vs Q counterpoised immune of tfe translocation, thought that º5 οr Ufe has a considerate >f rearranged inherited tangible, ith no unnecessary hereditary tangible.  counterbalanced traveller displays no signalise Ÿr symptom >f the premiss, though tº5 translocation can ,q passed Ën tŸ th5 children.
"ºe alternative >f death ¿n thq translocation typewrite present depend >n th5 sexuality …f tfq parent tfat f0s tf5 rearranged chromosome 21. ¬here VU a probability of Q3ound 3% Vf t»5 padre iU th5 deliveryman. There VU Q 12% peril if t»e care Vs th5 warship

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