The Laguna del Carpintero located just minutes from the Historic Center of Tampico, it´s an area that, despite being subjected to a constant urban pressure, has a wide variety of animal species that generate strong emotions among visitors.

The Bicentennial Park, developed at the shore of the lagoon, is one of the most visited family outing and has extensive green areas, walkways, bridges, a soda fountain, gazebos, shaded areas, playgrounds, boat rides, a zip line and lots of activities to an area of 370 acres, including estuarine and inland waterways.

On the shores of the Laguna del Carpintero are the Sports Center, The Merchant Marine Academy of Tampico, the Metropolitan Cultural Space and EXPOTAMPICO Convention Center.

Bicentennial Park is the most beautiful frame for the Tampico Bridge, the tie that binds us to the neighboring state of Veracruz.

The Laguna del Carpintero has a wildlife viewpoint, the most attractive is the moreletii crocodiles (swamp crocodile), territorial animals that can measure up to 13 feet and weigh more than 330 pounds.

This specie feds with fish and the lagoon has a large supply of fish and shellfish so it is not possible an assault on a man if they are not attacked directly.


Crocodiles today represent a symbol of Tampico, a free attraction in its natural environment that the population respects. The name “Juancho” was given to the first crocodile found in the lagoon and it has become a popular nickname for crocodiles in the area.

The deceased Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, visited the Laguna del Carpintero in 2002 and literally said "this lake is a model for the world of how humans can live in close harmony with large wild animals."
According to a 2003 study 58 crocodiles were census and at the moment the number exceeds 100.
Another viewpoint is dedicated to observe iguanas and their variety of colors such as green, brown and one can also see some stripped iguanas.


The zip-line in carpenter Lagoon has a steel cable that runs 656 feet at a height of over 39 feet. Hopefully we can see some crocodiles from there making it a unique experience.



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