A lightbeam that looks up for stars at the beach is the Lighthouse of Ciudad Madero, symbol with more than 100 years old.
La Barra Lighthouse of Ciudad Madero has a 43 meter height and a 209 step spiral staircase.

It was built in Pittsburgh, using a lighting device which was acquired in Paris, it was inaugurated in 1883, whitsanding eversince 4 powerful hurricanes.

Request your guided tour in advance. Telephone number: (833) 2 10 15 00.

Close to it, there’s a 1967 Monument to the Carmen Virgin, patroness of the sea, in whose honor there’s a river procession with more than 80 boats praying altogether.
The river procession, a solemn Mass and a traditional verbena (local festivity) that becomes more popular every year. Come every 16th of July to the Festivity of the Carmen Virgin in Tampico Miramar!




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