Tampico-Miramar. The ideal destination for conventions in Mexico!
conventions in Mexico! Located by the shore of the Gulf of Mexico, in the south of the State of Tamaulipas, together with Tampico, Ciudad Madero and Altamira constitute the touristic, industrial, commercial and service capital of the Huastecas.

Tampico-Miramar offers air connectivity with the main national and international destinations.

Since 2007, in the city of Tampico, the Conventions and Visitors Bureau operates as an effort of the Mexican Hotel Association of Southern Tamaulipas, a nonprofit organism that works together with the municipality, state and federal governments; unifying the efforts of positioning this destination as the ideal place to held conventions, fairs, expositions and incentive trips.

The crew of this management office projects all those resources that the surrounding municipalities of Southern Tamaulipas (Tampico, Madero and Altamira) make available to organize successful conventions in this destination to the organizers in the country and abroad, guiding them regarding all the infrastructure and natural wealth that Tampico and the surrounding municipalities offer.

The OCV Tampico-Miramar is located at the Centro de Convenciones Expo Tampico, a complex located by the Carpenter’s Lagoon, precinct which since its opening in 2008 has achieved the triumphant relaunching of the city of Tampico in the convention world.

The frequent training in Business Tourism promoted by the OCV Tampico-Miramar together with the municipal and state tourism authorities, has achieved that a big base of the staff of companies from the market receive the certification in the meeting tourism segment CMS (Certified Meeting Specialists); among other types of formative courses.

The venues for conventions are first- class, with appropriate precincts for different needs as far as seating capacity and event profile. From the modern and impressive building: Centro de Convenciones Expo Tampico, also including the hotel facilities, cultural precincts and even great historical value buildings listed as a national heritage that offer the organizer the ideal frame to achieve an outstanding and unique event.

Among the most outstanding conventions promoted by OCV Tampico Miramar in the destination, we can highlight: Ultreya Nacional 2016, MPI 2016, Expo Ciencias 2015 (CONACYT), Congreso Nacional de Medicina Familiar 2013, Congreso Regional de Ginecología 2012, Meeting Place 2012; whose organizers and assistants, express a satisfactory outcome in their respective experiences.

Tampico-Miramar Centro de Convenciones Expo Tampico
Second Floor, Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos, Obrera neighborhood.
Tampico, Tamaulipas Zip Code 89050
Tel: (833) 305-2686 to 88
Gerencia OCV Tampico-Miramar Lic. Francisco Vallejo Castellanos
Teléfono:(833)305 26 86 al 88

The Centro de Convenciones Expo Tampico is a venue with modern infrastructure and the state-of-the-art technology to successfully hold world- class events. With a view to the Laguna del Carpintero, a beautiful place located in the center of the city, Expo Tampico offers spectacular views, unique in the country.


This venue has held uncountable events, among which we can highlight the Congreso Mundial de Ganadería Tropical, Expo Transporte, Congreso del Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, Congreso Internacional de Atención de Emergencias, Convención Nacional Herbalife, Expo Ciencias Nacional, Expo Seguridad Industrial y el Meeting Place International 2016. International artists have also performed in this venue, such as: Plácido Domingo, The Cranberries and Ricky Martin.


Expo Tampico is located inside a complex that includes the Espacio Cultural Metropolitano, a theater for more than 1,100 viewers, being the ideal complement for the precinct. Better known as METRO, the Espacio Cultural Metropolitano, it also has an Experimental Theater; a Temporary Exposition Hall and the Museo de la Cultura Huasteca.
The combination of attractions and infrastructure will make your convention a unique and memorable event.
Come and discover Tampico Miramar: The ideal destination for Conventions!


Tampico and Ciudad Madero offer more than 2,500 rooms with the facilities required regarding congress and the meeting industry, through 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in both, the city and the beach.

The hotel infrastructure destination offers modern facilities for holding conferences and successful conventions, being the friendliness its distinctive.
Admire the architecture of the early twentieth century in the Centro Histórico de Tampico and lives all the taste of this beautiful harbor.


Enjoy Miramar Beach in Ciudad Madero, a long beach of fine sand and gentle waves, which offers a hotel zone with quality infrastructure. Miramar is the first certified beach in cleanliness and water quality in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tampico Miramar is flavor… the cuisine based in fish and seafood is such a delight! Your meeting cannot miss a “mariscada” with natural or stuffed crabs, and shrimps. We are also home and inspiration for the world famous “carne asada a la tampiqueña”.
Tampico Miramar is entertainment: Home of important cultural and sports events, such as the Torneo Internacional de Pesca del Sábalo, the Festival Internacional Tamaulipas and a annual calendar of national and international concert artists.

The destination hasgolf courses, world class fishing, facilities for practice aquatic sports in rivers, lakes and the sea.


This cultural space known as “METRO” is located by the Northern side of the Carpintero Lagoon, pretty close to the Historical Downtown Tampico. It is a modern and beautiful building with two theaters, a temporary exposition gallery, the Huasteca Culture Museum, Library and a restaurant, also a roof parking lot and a concourse for 3,500 visitors. The Teatro Metropolitano has a capacity for 1,172 attendants in two levels and it’s the place in which the most important plays of the region are played. The Teatro experimental has a capacity for 320 viewers, conferences, video projections, travelling theater, poetry lecture, film club, chamber concerts and performing arts workshops. The Museo de la Cultura Huasteca is an institution of the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH). It is a thematic and chronological Huasteca Culture museum, both archeological and ethnographic. The temporary exposition gallery has a 10,764 square feet area and has modern museographic requirements in temperature, light and other requirements at an international level and it has exposed the most important collections in Mexico and the world.


This venue, developed by the Sección 1 del Sindicato Petrolero used to be for decades home of the most important congresses, expositions, artistic performances, sports and business events. Keeping its distinctive dome and in general its impressive and innovative architectonical style that made it an icon of Ciudad Madero for many years, it was recently remodelated, and it is once again the Center of Ciudad Madero where it is located. It hosts great events thanks to this building, events that have attracted audience from all over the country.

Its capacity is over 12 thousand attendants. It has areas in its 2nd and 3rd circle for disabled people (5 m wide spaces).

Additionally, it is equipped with a modern Art Hall with a capacity for 200 people in armchairs. with the most advanced technology for conferences and artistic presentations.

It has three halls for up to 800 people each. Next to this building, there is the Club Petrolero, which has a restaurant bar, gym, hair salon, boutique, spa, pool, jacuzzis, sauna, showers and restrooms.


The hotel infrastructure has more than 80,730 square feet distributed in 40 venues with different capacities, to perform all kinds of events: Corporative (meetings, conventions, forums), Exhibitions and Social events. Additionally, esplanades in gardens and in Miramar Beach are available options. For more information about the capacity and availability of the hotel salons to make your events; contact directly their meeting


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