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In Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas and the Gulf of Mexico, there’s one of the most important tourist attractions and investment opportunities; known by its fine sand and gently slope, smooth waves, so as to its touristic infrastructure for different niche markets.

Miramar Beach, has an extension of 5 miles, being the only certified beach in the Gulf of Mexico in Sustainability and Quality of Water, which brings more than the 70% of the sun and beach tourism in the state of Tamaulipas every year.



Miramar beach is the largest certified beach within the modality of recreational use in Mexico, with more than 5085 feet of hotel zone. The certification issued by SEMARNAT, under the NMX-AA-120-SCFI Standard, is in Cleanliness and Sustainability. It includes water quality measures, cleaning programs and the conservation of local species, such as Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle. Vacation in one of the cleanest and preserved beaches in the country!


The hotel infrastructure and services in Miramar Beach is the most important in the state, which has grown and consolidated in the last two decades.
Miramar Beach has more than 500 rooms in its hotel area and accesses, thanks to its great connectivity, becoming the third beach tourist destination in the Easter season at a national level with the route Monterrey-Tampico.

Both European Plan and “All inclusive” are options in the hotels in Miramar Beach. Some of them have beach clubs where entire families can enjoy an unforgettable vacation and even exclusive areas for adults.

The events that take place in Miramar have as a frame its unique beauty, being outdoors or in halls with balconies and panoramic ocean view; there are also broad areas for all kinds of events, either institutional or social, with all the facilities and characteristics of a precinct in the city.


The program Inclusive Beach in Miramar of the DIF Madero implemented in 2015 allows those who have any disability to move to enter the water with confidence in our beach, ensuring the right to rest, fun and recreation promoting their social inclusion.

This program offers functional amphibian appliances free of charge, with all the safety measures so the visitor who requires completely enjoys the experience of visiting our beach, getting into the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Besides, there’s a special Palapa for exclusive use of disabled people; which has a wooden walkway which connects to a public square (Plaza Gobernadores) and this last one connects to Bulevar Costero.

The DIF Madero has agreements with companies which offer the service of adapted vehicles to transport appliances such as wheel chairs at a low cost. For more information about this program, contact DIF Madero: Nuevo León Street, between Chihuahua and Durango Streets. Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood, Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas. Telephone: (833) 305-24-14.



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