The Plaza de Armas, is surrounded by distinctive buildings such as the Municipal Palace and the Cathedral, and has a pleasant pedestrian area.

In one of its corners is located the cafe "La Victoria" , where intellectuals gather and in another corner the snack bar " El Globito", artists and ex-presidents have enjoyed their delicious fruit shakes.

Nearby, a statue to the memory of a tampico citizen known as "Pepito The Terrestrial"; the world's tallest man at his time, who worked at the Port of Tampico in the middle of the last century and was very appreciated by all citizens.

And right in the center of the main square: a large pink quarry kiosk with a Talavera dome, is the symbol of the town, with its 8 clef shaped arms, where concerts are held by the Municipal Band.
There’s no similar Kiosk to this one in the whole country.
You’ll love it



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